Natasha's experience really shone through and her professionalism never wavered in our sessions.  Her insightfulness, emotional intelligence and sometimes hard questions while challenging helped me stay focus on my goal.  If you are at a crossroads in life, i could not recommend anyone better to help you decide what's right for your without judgement, personal or professional.

DON, Counsellor and Psychotherapist

I attended one of Natasha's webinars on Emotional intelligence and found it very insightful with practical tips i was able to apply in a real scenario with school management. I highly recommend attending Natasha's engaging webinars and workshops which will leave you with lots of take aways on both a personal and professional level.

Principal, Primary School

We had the pleasure of having Natasha present a workshop on Emotional Intelligence through the Rotary Career's Connect program. I loved Natasha's candour and honesty,  optimism and resilience. We were fortunate to have the time to spend with her and engage with emotional intelligence theory as well as the practical steps we can all take to develop this form of intelligence. Natasha may have inspired more than she imagined!

Manager, Youth Training centre

Natasha's genuine enthusiasm for coaching, combined with her remarkable empathy, understanding, and exceptional listening skills, created an environment where each coaching session felt like a refreshing escape. The coaching conversations with Natasha coupled with the ECR emotional intelligence self-assessment provided a unique opportunity to address strengths and growth opportunities and view them from diverse angles, rather than suppressing their impact. Natasha's approach is both open and composed, allowing for an adaptive coaching style that consistently found the most effective approach for different experiences. I am grateful for Natasha's executive coaching which has empowered me to navigate complexities and discover fresh perspectives. Working with her has been an invaluable journey, ultimately leading to improved personal and professional outcomes. Thank you, Natasha, for being a catalyst for positive change and for providing a coaching experience that was truly transformative.

PK, Managing Director, Financial Services

Working with Natasha has been a transformative experience. Her personalized approach to coaching, deep empathy and listening skills, and practical strategies have helped me navigate complex challenges and enhance my leadership skills. The guidance I received not only improved my professional performance but also contributed to a healthier work-life balance. I highly recommend Natasha to anyone seeking impactful executive coaching.

Female, Senior Manager, Banking sector

I can't thank Natasha enough for helping me unlock my true potential. The transformation has been remarkable.

Female, Supervisor, Financial services

Empathetic, insightful questioning, and results-driven- Natasha is the coach you need to reach your goals.

DM, Senior Manager, Pharmaceutical sector

Choosing Natasha  as my executive coach was one of the best decisions I've ever made as I tried to figure out my new path to entrepreneurship. I can't recommend her enough.

MH, Entrepreneur

I found the months of mentoring with Natasha incredible. Her guidance over the mentoring period gave me the skills to reflect inwards and realise what goals are most important to me and that I have the ability to make that happen for myself. The most important takeaway for me was confidence which makes all the above possible.

Regional Leaders programme Mentee

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