About Me

Natasha Hughes: 

Hailing from County Mayo and now residing in  Wexford in Ireland’s Sunny South East, I am deeply committed to fostering support and growth in others. My career spans over two decades in leading roles within the financial sector, notably with the Bank of New York Mellon, and in my impactful tenure as President of the Rotary Club of Wexford. This diverse experience has not only honed my expertise in the global finance and philanthropy sectors but has also been a journey in cultivating strong, meaningful relationships and dynamic leadership.

My professional path is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and leadership, driving teams to achieve extraordinary heights and earning global recognition. Yet, my true dedication lies in uplifting and inspiring every person I encounter. My business philosophy is interwoven with a deeper, more personal mission: to drive sustainable growth and make significant contributions to our communities, particularly in Wexford and the South East, sparking a wave of positive and lasting change.

As a mother of three daughters, who resumed education later in life through programs with IOB, IMI, and SETU, and as an entrepreneur, I intimately understand the challenges of balancing family life, educational pursuits, and a professional career. Working with me means engaging with someone who not only brings exceptional relationship skills and empathy to the table but also provides a secure and confidential space that nurtures positive, effective collaborations. Opting to partner with me is not just a business interaction; it’s a step towards joining a vision of empowerment and shared success.

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